What is WTA

TradeSafe is a member of WTA (World Trustmark Alliance).

What is WTA (World Trustmark Alliance)?

WTA is an international collaborative organization for Trustmark-granting business operators in various countries in the Asia-Pacific region which was established in 2003 as “Asia Trustmark Alliance (ATA)” and whose purpose was to “promote Trustmark recognition from a regional level to an international level.”
In 2007, when the United States and Mexico joined, the alliance was renamed “Asia-Pacific Trustmark Alliance” (no change in the acronym “ATA”). In 2008 Vietnam became a member, and further participation of various countries in the Asia-Pacific region has been expected.
In 2012, when business operators in various European countries participated, the organization was again renamed “World Trustmark Alliance.” In Asia, China, Malaysia and Thailand became new members.

WTA member companies target mutual certification among various countries’ Trustmark schemes based on the common guidelines published as Guidelines for Trustmark Operators (GTO), and make consistent evaluations and guarantees based on successful cases across the world, aiming at the improvement of the market environment trusted by consumers as well as business operators.

TradeSafe formally participated in “WTA” along with ADR provider EC Network in November, 2007. Japan acted as WTA vice chairman in 2008, and as chairman in 2009 and 2010.

Japan TradeSafe Inc
EC Network
Malaysia Malaysia Trustmark
Singapore (CNSG) CommerceNet Singapore Limited
(CASE) Consumers Association of Singapore
Taiwan (SOSA) Secure Online Shopping Association
Vietnam SafeWeb

WTA participates in related international conferences and takes a very active role.

WTA also attends 【GBDe (Global Business Dialogue on Electronic Commerce)】 meetings (http://www.gbde.org/), an important place for consensus building concerning e-commerce policies and issues.

TradeSafe and WTA

In November, 2007, TradeSafe formally participated in “WTA (World Trustmark Alliance)” along with ADR provider EC Network. Japan acted as WTA vice chairman in 2008, and as chairman in 2009 and 2010.

2007 Singapore Taiwan (SOSA)
2008 Taiwan (SOSA) Japan
2009 Japan (TradeSafe)
2010 Japan (TradeSafe)
2011 Philippines Taiwan, USA
2012 Taiwan USA
2013 Taiwan Malaysia
2014 Malaysia China
2015 Malaysia China
2016 China