TradeSafe About Trustmark

Products Not Covered

Please note that products listed below are not covered by “TradeSafe ADR Service” or “TradeSafe Anshin Compensatory Service.”

(1) Real estate
(2) The bodies of marine vessels (including yachts, motorboats, personal watercraft and boats), automobiles (including motorcycles, motor tricycles, motorized bicycles and all-terrain vehicles).
(3) The living bodies of mammals, fishes, reptiles, insects, etc.
(4) Information on horse races, investments, etc. whose accuracy and efficacy are central to the product value. Books, however, are covered by the services.
(5) Products sold without being qualified or authorized although qualification or authorization is necessary for sales (tobaccos, alcoholic drinks, pharmaceuticals, secondhand articles, etc.)
(6) Products whose possession, sales, ways of sales, etc. are against the law
(7) Products provided through the method of having users download software, digital content, etc. When the confirmation of the fact of downloading is possible based on this company’s prescribed standards, however, the products are covered by the services.
(8) Gift certificates, prepaid cards, tickets, revenue stamps, coupon tickets, points for loyalty programs, the faces of certificates that show the value of virtual currency and others, vouchers, data, etc. (However, postage stamps, old bills and coins, etc. as collections are excluded.)
(9) Financial instruments
(10) Handguns, rifles, machine guns, cannons, shotguns, other firearms with a capability to shoot bullets, air guns, models and toys of those firearms, etc. (irrespective of the quality of bullets and firing capabilities)
(11) Swords and other arms
(12) Products shipped or received overseas
(13) Services without sales of products
(14) Incantation and prayers, experiences, fortunetelling, counseling, introduction and products that come with any of them
(15) Products that come with services that the company deems are more valuable than products themselves
(16) Products that users have purchased although they know the products are out of stock
(17) Other particular products that the company does not approve