Experts' Panel

Round-table conference in pursuit of a trustworthy EC market

In the EC market in Japan the dark side in the form of troubles between consumers and EC shops is growing in proportion to the bright side in the form of development. In order to solve these increasingly apparent problems, TradeSafe is aiming to build a social infrastructure in the EC market as a private social venture, forming organic ties with various private and public organizations.

At this panel we consider what “Trustmark, which provides Anshin concerning E-commerce,” ought to be and where it ought to be directed together with the members with experience and knowledge in this field. Especially, in order to embody and promote Trustmark as a business and to develop our business into better social services, we position this panel as a place for studying about the publicness, transparency and neutrality of this company’s business, in addition to its self-help efforts and their continuance, making suggestions for policies based on on-site data, evaluating the cases in point and sharing tasks and issues that might arise in the future, from a third party’s and neutral consumers’ viewpoint.

Main Subjects for Study

  1. The content, quality and promotion of Trustmark Service
  2. Global cooperation (ATA (Asia-Pacific Trustmark Alliance))
  3. Examination standards and levels
  4. Other related matters

Members of TradeSafe Experts’ Panel (Honorifics omitted)

  • board chairman of independent administrative corporation National Consumer Affairs Center of JapanTsuneo Matsumoto
  • senior researcher at independent administrative corporation The Research Institute of Economy, Trade and IndustryKotaro Tsuru
  • lawyer at South Toranomon Law Offices Yasutaka Machimura, professor at Hokkaido University Graduate School of LawShino Uenuma
  • professor at Hokkaido University Graduate School of LawYasutaka Machimura
  • professor at the Keio University Faculty of Law and Keio University Law SchoolKoichi Miki

Sponsored by: TradeSafe Inc.

    • (1)DIGITAL HOLDINGS, Inc.ChairmanNoboru Hachimine
    • TradeSafe Inc.CEOTakaaki Okamonto
  1. (2)Legal adviserLawyer at legal professional corporation Cyber Law Japan Eichi Law OfficesRyoji Mori
    • (3)Partner company General incorporated association EC NetworkDirectorToshiko Sawada
    •  DirectorYuri Harada