TradeSafe About Trustmark

What is TradeSafe Anshin Support?

TradeSafe Anshin Support is a service for supporting the solution of troubles between consumers and online shops that have introduced TradeSafe Trustmark.
TradeSafe Anshin Support consists of “TradeSafe ADR Service” and “TradeSafe Anshin Compensatory Service.” The former is designed to promote a solution, with TradeSafe and “general incorporated association EC Network (TradeSafe’s comprehensive business partner),” an ADR executing agency, acting as mediators, and helping resolve the dispute, by interviewing both sides and presenting an objective solution. The latter is designed to make a Consolation Payment up to \100,000 to consumers based on the prescribed requirements.

※Shops belonging to online shopping malls (Yahoo! Shopping and Rakuten Ichiba) are not eligible for Anshin Compensatory Service (Consolation Payment).

TradeSafe Trustmark Service (Qualification Review of EC Shops and Granting of the Mark)

Procedure for TradeSafe Anshin Support


When you make a purchase using the shopping cart of an online shop that has introduced TradeSafe Trustmark, “a TradeSafe Anshin Support mail” will be sent to you.


In case such troubles as “the product not having arrived” and “the wrong product having been delivered” have occurred―

Make an

Please make a direct inquiry to the online shop first.

When solution
is impossible

In case a solution of the problem between the two parties, such as “I can’t contact the online shop” and “I can’t accept their response,” is difficult to reach―

Apply for
ADR Service

You can find the e-mail address in the TradeSafe Anshin Support mail.


TradeSafe and general incorporated association EC Network will go between the two parties and support the solution of the trouble by presenting a solution strategy, for example.

If anything should occur―TradeSafe Anshin Compensatory Service


Depending on the situation, there are cases where we will go on to making an assessment in relation to “TradeSafe Anshin Compensation.” In that case, TradeSafe will inform you to that effect.

  • ※TradeSafe ADR Service does not guarantee a solution.
  • ※Shops belonging to online shopping malls (Yahoo! Shopping and Rakuten Ichiba) are not eligible for Anshin Compensatory Service (Consolation Payment).

Procedure for TradeSafe Anshin Support Matter to Be Noted

Please note that even when TradeSafe Trustmark is displayed, products not covered by Trustmark are not eligible for “TradeSafe ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Service” or “TradeSafe Anshin Compensatory Service (Consolation Payment).”
Also, please note that TradeSafe Trustmark cannot guarantee the quality, performance, effects, etc. of individual products.
(The authenticity of brand-name products, the effects of diet foods, etc.)